Sunday, 24 June 2012

Train, eat, train... Then eat some more!

I finally received my copy of what I call 'my running bible'. It's called Run Less, Run Faster and it's written by the wonderful people from The Furman institute of running and sport (aka FIRST). They are, in my opinion, GENIUSES!!! If you are looking at marathon training (or even half marathon or smaller distances) and haven't read this book then you NEED TO GET AMONGST IT!!! It's all about minimal training for maximum performance - could it get any better than this??

For my next marathon, which is in approximately exactly 125 days, 14 hours and 25 minutes (no I'm not a psycho (much), it's just on their website), I have decided to follow the FIRST 16 week training plan. Phew, 16 weeks is a long time! But... I do want to do a sub 4 marathon so the training is all MUCH needed. The official 16 weeks of training starts in about 2 weeks, and as well as focusing on my training, I will also be putting a huge emphasis on nutrition. It's all about running and eating I tell you!

So for the next few months (which at times WILL feel like a gazillion years) these reads will be hot in my wee hands:

 Thanks to my wonderful Mum who blessed me with a year's sub to Healthy food mag (even though I think it was secretly a bribe so I would make her things out of them... Love you Mum), and to This great website for the copy of my book that was uber cheap and came with FREE postage! Shout out ya'll! 

If you'd like to train with me then at the start of each week I will post up the training sessions for the week, as well as great recipes and foods for runners that I discover along the way - Please make sure to let me know if you do, I'd love to know!

What's your favourite training program and running foods? What are your thoughts on minimalist training plans?? Is less more??


  1. I have never followed the Run Less Run Faster plan but I have heard good thing about it. Good luck with your cub four marathon training!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've never heard anything negative about it so will put it to the test and see how I go :)


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