Monday, 11 June 2012

Marathon Number Two...

It's official, I have just registered for my second marathon of this year. As you might recall from this boring blog post (not a joke) I confessed that I would like to attempt 2 or 3 marathons this year...

Well I have done one and I have registered for my second, but am not sure how a third one is looking. Don't hold your breath but don't rule it out either.

The marathon I just registered for is The Auckland Marathon which I did last year. It's in October so I have plenty of time to train. And this time I would like aim to do a... Wait for it...

It's coming...

Ok, I'm a little scared about putting it out there but here it is...


Yikes! Now I have told you all I will have to try really hard to make it happen! Got readers who are counting on me. This will be a huge feat if I can accomplish it so I welcome all necessary encouragement along the way :)

Last year for this marathon I did it as a fundraiser for this wonderful woman:

 And this year I have signed up to fundraise for this amazingly awesome charity!

"Christians Against Poverty is an international debt counselling charity that works through centres based in local churches. We have a high success rate in getting our clients debt free, which is achieved through the provision of a wide range of specialised financial services, personal support and ongoing education. It is this unique package that enables CAP to achieve such a high rate of success, offering hope and a solution to people in debt."

Ok, so there it is. I have put it out there so now I really have to do it!
Do you have any running goals that you are aiming to achieve? Any PBs you are hoping to reach? What is your next race? Would you like to run this race with me??

Watch this space for more on my journey to marathon number 2 for Curious Runner Girl :)

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  1. It's much more rewarding running a race for a cause. It helped me push myself, especially those last 6 miles. Given my half marathon times (2:02PR), I should have no problem getting in the 4 hour range. I have yet to do that, a sub 4 would be even better!


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