Thursday, 22 March 2012

Coatesville Classic...

Last Sunday I ran the Coatesville Classic Half Marathon... Apparently it is the most scenic half marathon with the world's best finishers medal... If that doesn't make you want to do it then I don't know what will!

It was a very beautiful and scenic run and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was the calm before the storm that was the 'weather bomb' that hit the regions starting later that day.

I did this run in the hopes that it would help me to gauge my running progress for my up-and-coming marathon. It really did help, but not in the way I was expecting.

Firstly, I had set a time goal in which I hoped to complete the run in, which I did not. However, what I did not realise when I set this goal was just how hilly the whole course was. This is not a problem though, as I love running hills, I train on hills, but it is not the best if you are trying to obtain a personal best (PB).

So... Although I did not break my PB, my progress is coming along nicely in that I managed to run the whole course, hills and all really strongly and I even managed to up my pace somewhat for the last 1km to finish strong... This hasn't really happened before, I usually am just about dead when I cross that oh so lovely finish line. But my energy levels felt great, as did my body - bonus!

Here is a pic of me (thanks to of me crossing the finish line in a time of 1 hour and 57 minutes (I was hoping to do it in under 1 hour 50 mins, but we'll save that for the next one - perhaps flat!).

I would have had more (and better photos) to put up but we had a minor camera malfunction, thus the stolen pic :)
And, as always, my wonderful husband was there to encourage me at the start and cheer me on at the end. What a treat!  I know it's a-whole-nother year away but I would totally recommend this run as one to do as it is challenging and very enjoyable in terms of scenery and the whole atmosphere of the run. Would be a great goal to aim for!

So how have your running ventures been coming along lately? I would LOVE to hear!


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